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STOLEN IDEA is a comedy punk rock musical that covers the theft of intellectual property in the artistic worlds of music and comedy. The story follows a standup comedian and a rock musician who are both approaching 40 and are fearful their time to “make it” is running out. One has his idea stolen, the other steals an idea.

Only the ghosts of Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell can help them now!


Book by Matt Besser

Music by Bobby Matthews

Lyrics by Matt Besser & Bobby Matthews

Produced by Brett Morris



Matt Besser - Matt the Comic, Alexander Graham Bell

Bobby Matthews- Phil the Musician, Elisha Gray

Virginia Matthews - Sarah

John Gemberling - Agent

Paul Rust - Young Comic

Scott Aukerman - Comedy Club Booker

James Adomian - Narrator, Mr. Podcast, NPR Host, Music Critic

Michael Cassady - TV Show Booker

Harris Wittels - NYC Cop

Mike Still - Rooster

Danielle Schneider - Waitress

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James Blunt - You're Beautiful Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting Alicia Keys - No One Mika - Happy Ending Amiel - Lovesong Black Eyed Peas - Where is the Love?

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